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Magdalena Dittmer

Pilates - Wellness - Nutrition

Hello and Welcome

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Virtual Pilates Group Mat Class

Mondays and Wednesdays 12pm-1pm​

Tuesdays 6pm


Get community support to practice Pilates regularly by joining a group class!


Virtual Pilates Private

Monday - Friday at varied times

Contact me to find a time and schedule

Get individual one on one attention to go deeper into pilates practice or work through injuries!

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Virtual Nutrition/ Health Coaching

Monday - Friday at varied times

Contact me to Find a time and schedule

Get support with other health goals!

Sponsorships/ Scholarships

What if you need pilates classes but cannot afford these prices?  

What if you are blessed with abundance and want to give more to those who need it?

I don't plan to turn anyone away due to lack of funds. What ever is in my power to give I will give so contact me and tell me your situation.  If you want to donate more to sponsor another student while simultaneously supporting my business please contact me!

Current Donation Total: $20

After every class with you I promise myself I'll get around to sending
these words to you. I just want you to know how very deeply I appreciate
you as a Pilates instructor and coach. Your thoroughness, expertise,
clarity, attention to detail, consistency, caring attitude, and
unflagging good will are a marvel. You've never been anything but fully
engaged and warmly encouraging. Your classes have helped me tremendously
to get stronger and to be in less pain. You're the greatest!