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Broad Spectrum Wellbeing

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Broad Spectrum Wellbeing

I am a 36 year old female with a BA in Anthropology from UC Berkeley, a Pilates Instructor certification from Ellie Herman Pilates (2010) a Yoga Instructor certification from Innerstellar yoga and pIlates (2017), and a nutrition coach certification from ISSA (2020). I have been teaching Pilates for the past 12 years. I focus on injury rehabilitation and absolutely love it!

I really enjoy supporting people through life's challenges using diet, movement and mindfulness practices.  I have personally struggled with scoliosis and multiple Sclerosis and my journey greatly influences my work. 

I have found great inspiration from the Hendrickson method, yogic philosophy, MELT method, GAPS diet and nutrition in general, Zhealth, Franklin Method, Sacred anatomy and so much more.  What I love most about my career is that I get to study what actually works.  No insurance or bureaucracy or power struggles.  I get to follow my nose and apply what I learn to my students.  I believe just about anything can be healed.  I feel blessed to serve my people every day.