Turning shit into gold

I was born in Berkeley CA.  In 2005 at age 21, I got incredibly ill.  It was a mysterious illness that was very sever and yet my normal doctors couldn't diagnose.  I couldn't walk for years, sleep for years, digest food etc. 

Being undiagnosed had it's own hardship because I had people thinking it was all in my head.  It turns out, it was in my head after all (or more accurately in my head and spinal cord).  I was finally diagnosed with MS in 2017.

I have grappled with this illness for a long time.  I have gone down many rabbit holes and still do.  I am not satisfied with "we don't know what causes it and there is no cure."  I seek my cause and I seek my cure every day. 

As a result I have learned so much about the body and health.  I have tried and learned about most diets out there and heavily studied nutrition.  

I have learned about injuries and how to recover from them.  

I have also learned and practiced how to keep the mind strong in the face of adversity.  How to keep going when you keep loosing day after day.  How do you keep hope, keep an open mind, keep feeling gratitude for this blessing that is life.  No matter what your life looks like.  It is your adventure and your blessing. 

 My deepest desire and aspiration is to use my life struggles to help others.  If I can save you some pain and suffering by sharing with you what I have learned, it makes it all worth while for me.

I love serving my people in any way I can.  I love supporting the health of their body, mind and spirit.  I love turning the shit that life hands me, hand us... into gold!